Safranbolu Factory

Hot Rolling Plant No.1

A total of six stalls, 12 tons / hour capacity, with natural gas facility, a lift rail production.

Hot Rolling Plant No.2

Counter, consisting of a total of 3, 5 ton / hour capacity, natural gas plant, which is semi-finished raw materials, thin-section strip, square, round, hexagonal, and other special produce cross-section profiles.

Cold-drawing plant

Cold Drawing Plant 7 Pieces cold drawing machine, straightening machine made ​​of 5, 4 ​​finished polishing machine, sanding machine equipped with 2 pcs. Major manufactured products; transmission shafts, cold lama-square - hexagon cold drawn profiles and consists of a special cross-section profiles.

Wire manufacturing facility

Coil of wire production plant raw material (wire rod) from the manufacturing quality standards and sizes.